The SPAR Family

SPAR operates under "voluntary trading" principles so while we as retailers take advantage of SPAR's trading power, we also source goods from local traders. So each of our outlets is unique and reflects an original, regional personality tailored to meet specific community needs.

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Our business is proudly part of the SPAR family - the world’s largest international food retail chain, with 13,600 outlets in 33 countries. The SPAR group was founded in Holland in 1932 by Mr. Adriaan van Well, expanded rapidly in Europe during the 1950s and over the next 20 years continued to increase its presence in Europe and entered Africa and Asia. From 2000, SPAR was the first international food retailer to enter the Russian, Chinese and Indian markets, reflecting the experience and flexibility of the SPAR business model.

A key strength of the SPAR brand is that it operates locally but reaps the benefits of global business. As SPAR members we benefit from being part of a large international organisation with international expertise and its finger on the pulse of international retail trends, we also benefit from collective buying and marketing power, a strong corporate brand image and impressive back-up resources.

In South Africa today the SPAR Group Ltd operates 6 distribution centres, supplies goods and services to almost 800 SPAR outlets in South Africa. The SPAR Group listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange in 2005. SPAR offers three friendly supermarket formats – SPAR, SUPERSPAR and KWIKSPAR, a liquor outlet format - Tops at SPAR and Build it which is a full service builder’s merchant offering expert advice and the best product ranges for all your hardware and building requirements.

Our business has focused on perfecting the KWIKSPAR model through our 3 supermarket offerings – it’s all about every day convenience with an emphasis on freshness in terms of fresh produce, bakery, deli, fresh meat and prepared and take-out foods. We also carry a wide range of groceries at prices that offer good value.  In 2010 we decided to try our hand at the liquor business by opening a Tops at SPAR liquor outlet in Ndabeni. Our outlet applies the innovative principles to liquor retail pioneered by SPAR through the Tops at SPAR model and focuses on providing an exceptional range and good value liquor offering in a convenient, clean and well-kept environment.

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